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About us

A little bit about us,

~~When we first started out with minis I had no intention of breeding or showing, it was a couple minis for our kids to have fun with.  We already had our paints and quarter horses so this was "just for fun".   Poppy was our first, followed quickly by Boo who was just a tiny weanling.  We fell in love with these little critters very quickly so thought... why not get a mare or two and have a couple foals?  No stallion, just a couple bred mares.  At that time I wasn't researching bloodlines or show record, just looking for something affordable and that fit in.   So Ebony and Bella joined our family.   Ebony has always been very "stand off-ish" but you can tell by the look in her eye she wants to trust.  Bella has always been a sweetheart.  Well the summer of 2010 brought with it the curiousity of what mini horse shows were all about, so off we went to the Summer fair to check things out.  I met a TON of great people while watching the show, chatted about grooming, hauling etc...  While at the show I began to realize that there is a certain "type" of mini you need to take into the show ring.

I was very excited that Bella's foal Tory fit that criteria and would be a mini we could show.  Somewhere along the way we acquired a gelding, and he too would be part of our journey into showing.

It was the summer of that same year I saw an ad for a stunning black and white stallion, Andee's Ohno Heza T Rex.  He was only about two hours from me. So he then joined our family.  Rex has an amazing temperament, gorgeous head and tiny ears... love how upheaded he is too...

It didn't take long and our herd expanded even more.  By this time I was more aware of what I should be looking for and began shopping.    I did acquire two little mares that were given to me... long story and kind of sad but they are here .  I had bought a  mare from this breeder so she gave me these other two.    One little mare has since passed away but Sweetie is here and will be forever... I was lucky enough to hardship her both A and R and will be able to have registered foals off of her.. I know she came from good breeding in a strong AMHA line but the breeder kept no record and did no paperwork.   I have to say I bought quite a few mares in a very short time frame.  In almost four short years I've acquired some great minis.

Fast forward to today.... I have a band of very nice mares that I am very happy with and a new stallion that I am so excited about.  

My plan now is to decrease the amount of horses I have so that I can have a few for each stallion and our show string.   My goal is to show as many of my own horses from our breedings, although we do have our favorites that were not born here too!!!   My goal with my sale horses is to place them in loving homes where they will be cared for.   It's not about making money for me... its about the horse, loving the breed and trying to encourage others to do the same.  

Those are my thoughts for now.. I may add more later but I hope I gave you some insight into how we run here.

Have a great day,


Bluff Creek Miniatures

Box 24

Silver Ridge, MB

R0H 1M0


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