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Lakota Maid by George -  AMHA/AMHR - This gorgeous mare is sired by Lucky Hart's stallion "George" (Little Kings Buckeroo God) and out of Little Critters Small Splash.  Lakota consistency produces upheaded foals.   She is a stunning buckskin pinto and is a little shy but loves to snoop in my pocket for treats.  Just a gorgeous mare.


Kenyon's Poppy Huckerema -(Meadowind Raisin Burgue x Meadowind Precious Poppan)  AMHA/AMHR  - The first mare here on our farm and she is an absolute sweetheart.   She always throws level headed foals, with great conformation.   She gave us our gorgeous show filly Diva.  Poppy will be here forever.

Interlake Rebel Delight Dallas ( Double D Rowdy Rebel x Lojax Delight) born April 1997- AMHA/AMHR -- Dallas is a very sweet mare and it tiny, just at 32".   Pictured with her filly Luck be a Lady.   Beautiful golden palomino pinto and has always produced pretty babies. She is getting up there in years and  I hope for a filly from her and Nova.  She will be here forever. 

WRMH Summers Jolee - AMHA/AMHR  born April 28/2009 -  I am very excited to add this mare to my herd.  Jolee is a very sweet and gentle mare with a lovely long neck and great conformation.   She had an amazing colt off Nova in 2015.  Another mare with amazing bloodlines., CCMF Joe Buck and LTD MAgic Mans Top Buck on her topside. 

Andee's Got the Gold - AMHR, Born June 21, 2004 -  A gorgeous buckskin pinto with one blue eye and one partial blue eye.    She has impecable breeding going back to Boones little Buckeroo on her topside and Jandts breeding on her bottom side.  A no muss no fuss mare. She foaled a gorgeous buckskin filly off Nova in 2015. 

Bluff Creek's Sweet Surrender - born April 2006-  Well Sweetie's story is a long one, she came from the Winnipeg area and from a breeder where no records were ever kept. Off a double registered stallion and mare but never papered herself.  Luckily I am able to hardship her and she is now AMHA/AMHR.  Super temperament and love her dishy head too.   I love this little mare, and she will be here forever. 

Riftswood Roxanne - AMHA/AMHR - (Hannafords Tontoo x Riftswood Starshine) - This is a little mare I wanted for a long time.  She had a tiny filly off Rex in 2014 and was given a year off.  She is a go with the flow type mare.   Pretty little head on this mare, and her filly inherited that!  

Bluff Creek's My Fair Lady - born May 2nd, 2013, AMHR   This little filly , we call her Treasure, is so dainty and  only around 31".  Sadly she lost an eye after a nasty storm whipped through and knocked down about 15 trees out in their pasture.   They must have started running and accidents happen.  The eye was removed and healed beautifly.  She became accustomed to it, and her personality is just as gentle and trusting as it was before.  Hoping to hardship her into AMHA

 AMHR Mares 

Vista Valley Rhythm N Blues --(Shadow Lane Prime Target x Windsongs Summer Breeze) - Rhythm is a beautiful filly that I've had my eye on for a long time.  I honestly never thought I would own her but I guess it was meant to be!!  She is a very sweet girl and loves to be fussed over. She was 2009 Canadian AMHR All Star Reserve Champion Yearling Mare.  Rhythm is a stunning black and white with two blue eyes!!   We showed her for two years and bred her to Rex, She had a stunning little black and white filly.!  She is registered AMHR/PtHA but has outgrown her AMHA papers.  Thank you Joan for letting Rhythm join our family!!

Longmans Ranger Blue Rashmi (Mimi) AMHR only, Born in 2006 (Cloverdowns Ranger Blue x Rowbuck Ramsey) - My newest mare, Mimi is a gentle, sweet mare.  She has such a kind heart and looks at you with such a gentle eye too.  This little mare moves just like an Arab, head up , tail high! Makes my heart melt. 

Bluff Creek's Luck be a Lady -Born June 11th, 2011, AMHR registered.  (Interlake Rebel Delight Dallas x Rex)    We weren't sure what this cross would give us but to our surprise a buckskin pinto!!!    Nice long neck and beautiful markings.   She is stunning and proving herself in the showring too!!!!    Lu Lu is not for sale!

Bluff Creek's Sugar and Spice -Born Wednesday May 11th, 2011-AMHR registered  (off of Sage and Rex) - Well Sugar certainly surprised me as she has grown.  This lovely mare has such presence when in the ring and really impressed the judges in Brandon, bringing home many ribbons and a judges choice!   Sugar did very well placing top three in many of the classes.  

Bluff Creek's Diva in Diamonds -  Off of Rex and Poppy, Born April 28th, 2013 -  Finally Poppy gave us a filly!!!  Black and white, three socks a stocking and the huge bonus...ONE BLUE EYE!!   Ultra refined and dainty, this is one gorgeous filly.  She is minimal pinto with a tiny white dot on her neck, and white in her mane and tail.  Love this filly!! This one is a keeper for the girls to show!!     Not for sale--  This little filly really impressed me at the 2015 shows, consistently placing 1st and 2nd and also taking a 1st with Mom in Owned, Bred and Shown by.  2016 brought many top 3 placings and Reserve Grand under 2 judges. 

 Junior Mares 

Bluff Creek's Seraphina - Born April 18th, 2016 - Seraphina means "Fiery one" and she is living up to that description! Riftwood Roxanne x Hale Farms Show me a Casanova. Will be AMHA/AMHR. She is a stunning black and white, tiny muzzle, short backed. I was thrilled when I saw her. This was the first time I crossed Roxy and Nova.  I think I will hang on to this one for now. 

Bluff Creek's Talia - Filly number two that arrived the morning of May 7th. I had hoped for a flashy filly from Vista Valley Rhythm n Blues and Nova. They delivered! Talia was a name associated with strong beautiful women and means "dew from Heaven" Most characters in movies etc given the name had jet black hair. I liked it, and felt she suited it.   

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