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These are the horses we have sold.  My highest priority is finding loving, caring homes for our horses!!

It's a Boy!!

Born May 6th  ( Macview's Bella Chica x Rex) Bluff Creek's Optimus Prime - AMHR registered.    Opy is a Stunning bay pinto colt ! Well this one also caught me by surprise!!  If it's one thing I've learned about mini's foaling is that you never know!!!   I was watching another little mare and Bella gave me this special gift!!    Leggy, refined and friendly.  A great stallion prospect or show boy!!  WOW!!  He's only a few hours old in this picture,  still wobbly too!!    He moves beautifully, and would do well in driving!!!   He would be an awesome Christmas present!!!!!   SOLD -  Thank you Iain!!!!

It's a Girl!!!

Born April 15th - Bluff Creek's Golden Treasure (pending)  (Lakota Maid by George x Silver Plate White Lightning)   Of course on the one day I had to go away!!  Run out to check on everyone and this little girl had just been born.    This is the first time this mare has had a foal here on our farm  but she sure didn't show the "obvious" signs of being close to foalling!!  Surprised and Thrilled pretty much sums up how we feel about this tiny girl.  A tiny buckskin pinto - WOW!!!   oh  Needless to say we did not go away like we were supposed to !! 

Update!!  -- Goldie has one bad back foot,  and she will be sold as a pet only, without papers.  For more information please contact me.   SOLD!!!    Thank you Quinn!!   I know Goldie is in good hands!!!

Double D KS Ace of Spades - AMHA/AMHR - born july 19, 2006 -31.75"   off of First Knights Katmandu and out of Double D Just a Minute.  Ace is my oldest daughters' gelding.  He is also listed on my geldings page.   Ace is a willing boy but is not getting used enough here.  We are showing other horses and he just isn't getting the attention he deserves.   He would be an awesome driving or halter gelding for someone with the time for him.  

Sold!!!!!  Thank you Susan!!!

It's a Boy!! (again....)

Bluff Creek's Platinum Edition (pending) - born April 28th - off or Rex and Ebony.   -  Well I guess it's the year of the colt here !!  This one came as a huge surprise as this mare was a couple weeks early!  Very Nice surprise though, another black and white, tons of leg on this boy too!!  SOLD!!!   Thank you again Iain!!!

Born April 20th, 2011  (Kenyon's Poppy Huckerema x Rex)Bluff Creek's Heza Rascal .  -----A leggy and refined silver dapple colt.   He may not show pinto characteristics but  wow what a looker!!   A real people lover too.   At only a few hours old he would walk up and check us out!!  He's going to be the perfect kids horse!!!!  (just like his mother).   .  He is so friendly and gentle.  He is completely halter trained and very easy going.  


SOLD !!!  Thank you Iain!!

It's a Boy!!

Bluff Creek's Guns and Roses (pending) -off of Rex and Lakota -  barn name - "Cowboy"  --  Bluff Creek's first foal of the year !! Born April 22nd a solid sorrel colt !   Lots of leg on this stunning boy and Tons of Buckeroo breeding too!  I love the markings on his face .  Extremely upheaded and super friendly.    This boy will be tall,  great for leadline!!!

SOLD!!  Thank you Nancy!!


Born May 6th-  "Candy" is an Unregistered filly. Off of Rex and Sweetie.   This pretty girl was a pleasant surprise!  A filly finally!!!   Dainty and refined and super friendly.    As of Aug, 4th we have started halter breaking the foals.   Candy was very relaxed and didn't mind at all.  

SOLD!  Thank you Nancy!!


Bluff Creek's Midnight Maverick (Andee's Ohno Heza T Rex x Macview's Bella Chica) is a flashy black and white  pinto colt -  AMHR registered, born April 27, 2012 -  with breeding going back to Sooner states Royal Flush and the famous BOB!! (Little Kings Buck on Broadway).   Maverick is easy going with that little bit of attitude to show, and beautiful leg action.    I think he'll finish close to 35"   .

SOLD !!!   Thank you Andreas and Lori!    

Bluff Creek's Enchanted Pearl born April 26th, 2011- AMHR registered.   "April"  is off of Kamie and Havenbrooks Ghost Wind.   She is a cremello with blue eyes.  She is a people lover and is ther first to the gate when she sees you coming!  In an effort to downsize my mares and reduce the Buckeroo line I am offering her for sale. 

SOLD!!!   Thank you Estelle!


Bluff Creek's Million Dollar Baby - Born May 29th, Out of Jolee and Reflections Mr. President - HOLY COW!!  That was my reaction when I found this little one!  Jolee is a new mare to us and this was her first foal.  I had been watching her closely but with very little bag and no other signs , I was not expecting her to foal.   I'm feeling very relieved that mom and baby are doing well.   Now her color is a lively topic of converstaion as both sire and dam are dilute.   I have not had her color tested but have talked to a breeder that "specializes" in dilutes and this little girl is believed to be smoky cream.   SOLD!!

Bluff Creek's Super Trooper -  Off of Rex and Bella, born April 24th, 2013 -  Well another black and white from this cross!     He is very curious and friendly,  and extremely gentle.  He is a very calm little horse.   I would definitely say he is the perfect kids horse! 

SOLD !!  Thanks Naomi and family!!!


Its a Boy!

Bluff Creeks Red Dawn aka Copper - born May 26th.  I may have said this already but this has been a year of surprizes on our farm as far as color goes!!!  Never expected a red pinto out of this cross. Poppy has typically has silver dapple foals, last year she had a solid black filly and now this??  He is a stunning little guy and I mean little!!!!   Still trying to think of a name or him .       SOLD - thank you to Teresa and family!!

It's a Girl!!!

Bluff Creek's Painted by Moonlight (pending), Born May 3rd, JEM Kamie x Andee's Ohno Heza T Rex.   Filly number three had me doing a happy dance !  This is only the second foal we've had off of Kamie and I was very happy to see this one.  Dishy little head  one blue eye and one partial blue and very upheaded!   Her barn name is Luna.   SOLD thank you Teresa and family!

Bluff Creek's Billy the Kid - Born April 27th, 2012 - Billy is a Silver Dapple Pinto off of Rex and Poppy, AMHR registered.     This gelding is what I consider the perfect horse for kids.  He is extremely laid back and easy going.  Does what he's asked to on the lead, and stays very relaxed when we work with him.   He is already 35 inches tall , I would consider him a good prospect for leadline or driving!  SOLD Thank you Judy!

Bluff Creek's Revenge of the T-rex   -  Born April 27th off of Rex and Sweetie.  This boy was a huge surprize with his color and blue eyes!  One totally blue, one partial blue.   He will be registered with AMHR only.   This little guy is a very sweet boy, calm and gentle, another good kids horse.  Measured in August at 30 1/2".   SOLD!! Thank you Brian!

Bluff Creek's Ironman  - born April 11th, 2013- Bay pinto, we call him Manny.  He is a very friendly colt, laid back, but could also go in the show ring.  Measured in August at 32 1/2" so likely an over .   SOLD  Thank you Shelly!!!

Bluff Creek's Steel Magnolia   "Maggie" was  Born May 17th, 2012 Off of Rex and Kamie!  AMHR registered.  Maggie is a little filly and will most likely mature under 34".  Very refined and dainty -    she is a friendly and curious little girl, easy to handle on the lead,     SOLD!!!  Thanks Michelle, Rick and Emily!!

 It's a Girl!!

Bluff Creek's Divine Serenade (pending)- Our first foal from Rhthym and we are very happy.   Very dainty little filly with lots of leg.    The kids have been calling her Grace.  She is for sale, and will be weaned in September.  SOLD Thanks Michelle, Rick and Emily!

Bluff Creek's Victoria Belle (MacView's Bella Chica x MacView's April's Justin Time)  Born on Victoria Day 2009,  Tory was the first filly born on our farm and needless to say we were over the moon.  The kids spent every possible moment with her, and it shows.  Very easy to handle, pretty little girl.  Shown here at the Brandon Summer Fair Small Equine Show 2011.  It was a hard decsion to list this one but we need to downsize.  Tory is very easy going, a perfect youth horse, she has had one foal, her a colt that we will be showing this year (2015).  Tory sells open. She is roughly 34.5 inches and AMHR registered.    Thank you Tammy for giving Tory the Perfect home!!!

JEM Kamie  (Silver Plate White Lightning x Fine China)    Kamie is very pretty pinto mare, she was broke to drive before we bought her but had not been driven in some time.   Kamie appears to be a black dilute and although not tested to have the creme gene she did have a cremello filly in 2011.    She has an amazing attitude and very easy going.  She passes this to her foals.   SOLD !!  Thank you Shari and kids, I know you will love her like we did! 

Bluff Creek's Morning Glory - born June 4th.- (Rex x Riftwoods Roxanne) Yet another bizarre moment with a mini..  I went out to do my ususal chores and the mare had shown no signs of foaling.  Her bag was quite soft the night before and nothing seemed different.  I saw this little filly nursing off of another mare and her marking are similar to that particular mares foal but this one is too small!  I walked over and discovered Rhythm had stolen Roxy's baby.  It took a bit of convincing her that this is not her baby, but Roxy knew it was hers.  I separated Roxy and her little one and left them alone for a few days.  All is well and baby is thriving.   This stunning little filly was the perfect end to our foaling season.  She is gorgeous!  SOLD THANK YOU Teresa and family!!  

It's a Boy!!

Bluff Creek's Tall Dark n Dirty (pending) - Born May 1st -  Longman's Ranger Blue Rashmi x Elegance Im Bacardi White - His barn name is Jack and he is  our only colt so far this year, and he's a spunky one.  His only white is the crescent shaped on his head and two coronets on his back legs.   Lots of attitude in this cutie and he loves attention.  SOLD!!  THANK YOU Teresa and family !!


Bluff Creek's Call me Cochise, AMHA/AMHR pending.  Born June 17th... wow is all I could say when I saw this one!!  Perfect in every way.  Lots of leg on this one, Measured him in Sept at 26".  

SOLD!  Thank you Dawn and Salena!!!  

Bluff Creek's Annie Oakley - AMHR (Bluff Creek's Sweet Dreamer x Hale Farms Show me a Casanova) - Born May 27th, after weeks of waiting for this mare to foal we finally have a beautiful filly.  She kept us on pins and needles.  I have thrilled with this first foal off Nova.  She is dainty, refined, lovely little head on her and it looks like she has one blue eye.  She may be a smokey black and the eyes may darken but one is bright blue, so we will be watching that.  

SOLD!!! Thank you Dani!!

MacView's Bella Chica  (Macview's Royal Highness x Russell's Foxfyre Gloria)  - Bella is a pretty bay mare, she is an excellent mom and always produces pinto when bred to pinto.    She is easy to handle and just a sweet mare.  She is  AMHR registered.  I am offering Bella for sale to a loving home only .  Reducing the number or R only mares,   I am offering Bella open.   

Bluff Creek's Little Bit - born July 27th, 2013 - He is a tiny one,  just measured a hair over 30”  so will likely finish around 31". Lots of Buckeroo breeding in this little guy.  AMHR registered.   I am quite pleased with how this little guy has turned out.  Nice head set and length of neck.  Easy going, very gentle little guy.  I feel with his gentle nature Little Bit would be the perfect little obstacle or therapy horse.  

 Bella and Little Bit are sold  Thank you Jaime!!

Bluff Creek's Sierra Gold Rush - born June 29th, 2015, A/R registered.  Sierra is a stunning little buckskin filly.  Should mature around 32-33".  Definitely a show prospect.  Offering discounts to show homes.  Sierra will be shown at the AM\HR shows in Brandon MB this July, she will be availabe to purchase after that.  SOLD, thank you Arlene and Rob!!

Bluff Creek's Lone Ranger - Born June 8, 2015.  A/R registered.  Jet black colt, likley homozygous for pinto but not yet tested.  This is a flashy little guy. If you are looking for a color producer I would put money on him being homozygous for pinto.  SOLD thank you Arlene and Rob!

Bluff Creek's Maid of Elegance - Barn name "Elly" - AMHR over division  ( Lakota Maid by George x Andee's Ohno Heza T Rex) : Born May 1st  2014.  I would have to say this filly came as a complete surprize. Never expected a palomino from this cross, the odds were low but it happened.  Actually according to the "coat color calculator" it was a 3.13% chance!!  she is extremely refined and leggy. Took Elly out to some shows this summer and she did very well, placing 2nd in Youth and yearling and placing top five in the open classes.   I know as we become more confident with her she will continue to do well.   In 2016 she placed top 3 and also received Reserve Champion Junior Mare.  SOLD Thank you Erin!

Bluff Creek's Thunderstruck - AMHR born August 22/2014. This boy is born to drive. He started out as a tiny one but looks more like he will be an over. Palomino in color and very correct. I would have shown him this summer but didn't send in his papers to change to gelding time. SOLD Thank you Wendy!


Bluff Creeks Mahina - (AMHR pending) Dainty and refined filly, will likely mature right at 34". Breeding going back to Roan Ranger on Dams side.  Offered for a limited time for $700.  Mahina will be a lovely little mare to show then add to your breeding program.   Sold thank you Jenn!!!

Bluff Creek's Cassia -  May 7th was a busy day. This was the third filly to arrive. The dam is Bluff Creek's Luck be a lady,  one of the first foals ever born here, we kept her, took her to a few shows when we first started out. Crossed her with Nova and now have a beautiful bay filly. I hope to one day hardship Lulu into AMHA if she is still under. Will have to wait and see. I came upon the name Cassia and it seems to fit. It is a Greek name meaning "Cinnamon". The name also appears in the bible.  SOLD

Bluff Creek's Black Pearl "Lily" - Born May 16th, 2017, will be A/R registered.  Tiny, Tiny, Tiny!!!!   I've never had one this small. She is on target to finish around 31".  This is the only one this year not sired by my stallion Nova.  We had called her Thumbelina at first but she had to much attitude for that name.  She likes attention on her terms.  If you like the little ones, she is the one for you.

Out of Double D Dark Ebony x Double D My Key to Fame

Sold !!  Thank you Christina !!!

Bluff Creek's Sweet Dreamer - (Jem Ebony Nite Mare x Lucky Harts Be Bob n Baby) Born May 2010  Dreamer is a smoky black filly, lots of Buckeroo in her breeding.  A little timid but easy to handle when caught.   Just like her sire she has an amazing trot.  Definately a trait that gets passed down. She had a lovely filly off Nova in 2015, and a black and white colt in 2017

Sold! Thank you Christina!

JEM Ebony Nite Mare - born May 6th, 2004 (Silver Plate White Lightning x Lucky Harts Rowdy Dixie Chick) - Ebony is a chunkier mare but has given me some nice foals.  She is AMHR only  .  She is timid but we can do feet, and deworm with no issues.  A little tough to catch. 

Sold!  Thank you Christina!

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